blinkies and images and suchlike
two rainbow-colored woman symbols two rainbow-colored male smybols I'm not weird, i'm limited edition I eat radiation homosexual online hater in the house
i'm sorry dave, i'm afraid i can't do that. blinkie that says starfleet sciences spock lying down

>> for the purposes of this site you can call me kepler! like the kepler-poinsot polyhedra, not necessarily the guy, but they are named partially after him so. whatever. i AM the kind of person to name myself after a shape, yes. that probably says a lot.

>> i don't have much preference for pronouns; if pressed i will admit that i don't really like they/them for myself and am generally of the more masculine persuasion. but do whatever as long as u only say nice things :p

>> i'm a teen can't make this verbose if i tried

>> i enjoy: CHESS THE MUSICAL, disco elysium, star trek, specifically data from star trek tng my bestie, when it rains, emojis, gothic music, mathematics, lingustics, & these podcasts down there in the select thingamijig to name a few things. also the look & feel of older (more fun) websites but i think that's a given ^_^