Maxwell Warren West

He has family i can talk about so that's what I'm doing! this is technically a crossover w another story i came up w a while ago so . yeah

dad no. 1: Elliot West. he's really nice. fully human.

dad no. 2: Juno Crane. also really nice. he shares a soul with a sentient star-being, Thuban, so he's kind of immortal now. Being part high-energy magical being made Them kind of weird and fucked up and identity gets weird but elliot loves Them anyways. (the juno-and-thuban being prefers They as a plural instead of It, which is more common in creatures like Them.)

dad no. 2.5: Thuban! is kind of an asshole, to be honest. Loves Maxie and Elliot to bits, though.

silly little maxwell moodboard:


Appearance: He USED to have long white hair despite being pretty young (star-deity heritage) and wore old-fashioned clothes with a bunch of pockets teeming with spiders, but then he foolishly hummed the tunes of the Wires and doesn't look much like anything at all now. He can still communicate with Petrichor and other who know the songs, though, because his soul is all fucked up (star-deity heritage strikes again!)

Petrichor: they never talked much before, only knowing petrichor as tim's girlfriend/wife who was okay, he guessed, but they are the only person he's been able to talk to since he became a Wire-Soul apart from the juno-and-thuban. They're friends! Contact with Maxwell sometimes makes their plants grow faster. Various people have different opinions about this.
Timothy: they were the bestest of friends for YEARS. They don't come from the same universe, exactly, but there were enough similarities for them to bond over this when they both came here to study. They weren't ever in love proper, but Tim is incredibly jealous of Petrichor for talking to him now. He misses Max more than he would admit out loud. Maxwell misses him more than he would ever admit out loud, either, but that's only because he can only talk to Tim's spouse right now.
He talked to MALWARE a bit, but MAL was a bitch so that was that. There aren't nearly enough AI who want to talk to a sentient Wire-Soul.

Other: he has been described as a brilliant, short-lived fool. he loves rational numbers, his pet spiders, and the colour brown. he dislikes strawberries and swans.